Pre-Fabrication Capabilities

In order to maximize our efficiency and create extra schedule float for the general contractor’s we opened a 10,000 square foot pre-fabrication facility.

This facility allows us to construct carrier banks, plumbing drops, and other repetitive tasks in a controlled environment.  These systems are fabricated as soon as the submittals have been approved and the appropriate measurements can be confirmed.  Once the individual units have been fabricated they are stored indoors and distributed to the
jobsites as required.

Pre-fabrication has numerous advantages as detailed below:

  • Drastically reduces the installation time allowing predecessor trades quicker access to the work area.
  • Eliminates excess material and shipping waste (boxes, plastic wrapping & skids) sent to a jobsite, which allows greater maneuverability when multiple trades are sharing one work area.
  • System is tested prior to shipping to jobsite, thereby reducing field corrections and increasing the quality.
  • Typical fabricated units are constructed for shipping.  This results in more rigid construction techniques which ultimately benefit the end user.
Prefab Shop 005