Project Description

Client: Pepper
Location:   Cincinnati, OH

CZBG African Penguin
Installed the specialty life support and filtration into an existing space for the new African Penguin Exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. We installed all of the filtration pipe and equipment required to keep the water clean for the penguins. We ran all of the closed system that fills the pools and loops back into the filtration room where the water is filtered. This clean water is then pumped back into the penguin pools.

CZBG Roo Valley
This project encompasses multi-faceted exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. Nelson Stark installed the full state-of-the-art Life Support System and all of the piping required to continue to provide clean water to all of the animals in the exhibit. We excavated and installed all the small and large diameter pressure piping for a large waterfall as well as several levels of pools for the Penguins to play and live. This exhibit also includes a water reclaim system where storm water is collected, cleaned, and stored for use where applicable.